Your Successful Property Strategy

Accelerate your property investment through self-catering accommodation

Whether you want to leave your job, build a portfolio for retirement, learn how to master property investing, or to develop a high cash flowing property business in self-catering accommodation, you can work with Your Partner in Property owner, John Kerr, to devise the right plan and develop your skills.

What John’s clients say

“Working with John and learning how to let property above market value was an eye opener. I watched in amazement as he found a tenant for my house paying me 25% above market rent.”  T.M. Bedfordshire

“I tripled my profit by learning from John how to implement a really profitable holiday letting strategy which is now mostly hands off.” A.K. Edinburgh

“John helped me cut through the conflicting information I was receiving, just doing what matters most and focussing relentlessly on my goals.” H.O. Cardiff

“I couldn’t believe it when John taught me his system and we found really good social housing tenants paying £500 per month in excess of what I would have received from a letting agent.” S.B. Milton Keynes

Why Serviced Accommodation?

Many property entrepreneurs buy places to ‘fix and flip’, but this only ever really works out well when you can buy low and sell high. After investing in development and overseeing the work, for all that effort, how much do really you stand to make? If you’re operating in a market where you’re only going to make £2,000 or £3,000, then that is a lot of work and investment for a small one-off payment.

John Kerr, owner of Your Partner In Property, can teach you long-term strategies that will help you utilise the assets of your property to make you an annual income of £6,000 to £10,000 through serviced accommodation. That might seem like a big commitment, and no, we’re not talking “get rich quick” here. Building a solid, passive and high cash flowing portfolio takes work, dedication and focus. John will work with you to help build or develop a property portfolio that supports you, and John is eager share his valuable business experience to help you achieve your goals.

John Kerr, your Mentor

In 2010 I built a property portfolio that enabled me to quit my CEO job using a diverse range of strategies. It was challenging. I learnt many lessons. One of which was the value of working with a good Mentor. I covered many areas in my journey including deal sourcing, vendor negotiation, managing social housing tenants and many other aspects of property. But, eventually, I discovered my parallel passion: helping others in the serviced accommodation markets.

Generate an income with your property and relax knowing you have the cashflow and assets to create a lifestyle you want and deserve.

How I run my business

As a property investor and accommodation provider myself I understand the need to be cost and time efficient and avoid the trap of creating another full time job as a property manager.

I manage most of my properties with automated systems as far as possible – for example, my Edinburgh holiday let is managed and marketed by me from 350 miles away; neither my Housekeeper, nor I, met any of my 70 guests last year – communications are handled online and they love it! I achieve 75% occupancy with an average 4 night stay at £130 per night.

Working with an experienced guide and Mentor who’s been where you are, made a few mistakes, keeps up with the latest strategies and has the contacts and specialist knowledge that you need, you can avoid a lot of wasted money, time and frustration. More importantly though, we’ll get you going in the right direction and focus on the strategies that will work for you.

Mentoring, Training and Education

The best way to learn is by doing, so a Mentor is ideal to get you going. It’s not that formal training and education aren’t important, you just need to consider how you allocate your time and money carefully from the start. It’s easy to begin educating yourself with just a few pounds a month and defer consideration of more expensive training until later when you may be able to take so much more advantage from it.

Remember, anyone offering you training usually wants you to sign up there and then, but is now the best time for you? Also, ask yourself if a long training programme will really speedup your journey? It could just divert you into procrastinating for a few months longer.

That is why I offer flexible cost efficient packages to suit your individual needs.

Schedule a chat free of charge

As Your Partner In Property, I’m your Mentor and training buddy and you need to know if we can work together so please schedule a chat before you commit. I’m there for you to build your portfolio, stop you going round in circles, help you develop profitable properties, avoid the common pitfalls and guide you to the best resources. And, we’ll also carefully filter out any “too good to be true” opportunities for those that are worth pursuing.

Don’t struggle alone

If you want someone, who’s “been there, done that”, to help you put together a practical action plan to help you grow your business without distraction or being overwhelmed, then book a call with me now.

How can I help you?

  1. Together, we’ll develop your strategy, accelerating your property investing business with an action plan starting straight away.
  2. Ideas for growth – A brainstorm of ideas that identify opportunities for finding the right properties and growing your portfolio consistent with the investment strategy that we help you establish.
  3. An easily-implementable plan that will direct you to achieve your goals and avoid wasting time, money and effort researching and developing the wrong deals.
  4. Ongoing support as you develop and implement your strategy to ensure you focus on results you want, fine tune your plans and concentrate your personal development in the right areas.
  5. Tapping into, and taking from, my learnings, experience, systems, knowledge and contacts to sling shot your business growth in the right direction.
  6. You’ll learn how to research only the best opportunities and to do that both quickly and efficiently for faster results. And I’ll be there to test whether a deal is right for you.
  7. And, if you are in the Serviced Accommodation sector, creating a marketing strategy that will substantially increase your profits.
Have you set yourself clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?

In case you think this unimportant, consider this telling research. The 1979 graduates from Harvard’s MBA Program class were interviewed by researchers who found that:

  • 84% had no specific goals;
  • 13% had goals but not committed to paper; and
  • 3% had clear, written goals with plans to accomplish them.

Ten years later that same class was re-interviewed. Can you guess the results?

  • The 13% who had goals earned twice as much as the 84% with no goals.
  • More staggering – the 3% who had clear, written goals earned 10 times what the other 97% earned put together.

Would you like clear, written goals and to be ten times more successful than the best around you? Our Plan Builder template will enable you to do this. Most people fail to write this information down. Why? Is it fear that they will fail to achieve their own set goals?

Your strategy will be a plan of action designed to achieve your long-term aims, preferably written down and shared for accountability.

What are the steps we might take?

Together, we’ll create a well-tuned strategy and an implementable action plan tailored for your needs. We’ll draft your Property Business Strategy over a series of 1-2-1 Skype or phone conversations flexibly timed to suit your diary and possibly one meeting close to the Leighton Buzzard train station. They can be days, weeks or more apart to suit you. And we’ll be in touch with email support in between our calls.

Here is a typical example:
Step One: Review, consider and research where you want to go and the type of vehicle for your journey.

Step Two: Understand your resources – your time, skills and financial resources, their limitations and, much more importantly, the opportunity they can create.

Step Three: Ask and answer questions from Step One to focus the options for you and avoid wasting precious time going down “rabbit holes”. Start to fine tune the strategy and “nail your colours to the mast”.

Step Four: Perhaps we’ll decide how and where you will be sourcing your property deals. Or perhaps you’ll be running and we’ll be alongside guiding you.


Step Five: Discovering how to analyse deals from your desk. Set your criteria so you’ll know in less than 10 minutes whether a deal is for you. Or maybe we’ll be looking at your Serviced Accommodation business marketing to ensure you optimise your pricing structure, offering “Best Available Rates” and advance reservation deals to maximise income.

Step Six: Pulling it all together and setting the Strategy and Action Plan. Marketing you to create your brand that will project you as a “safe pair of hands” for investors wanting to work with you. And maybe, just maybe, deciding how we might work together in the future to mutual advantage.

We will adjust these steps and their outcomes to suit your needs.

Essential extras

The following services are important resources in your journey, some may come at a small extra charge.

  • Property Magic – an essential book that reveals how to find the properties that create the best passive income portfolio.
  • Introducing you to your Wealth Dynamic Profile* so that you understand the best profiles that you should be working with for your most successful journey.
  • The Five Golden Rules of Property Investing with 14 critical dos and don’ts.
  • Access to the pin community (Property Investors Network) – the best training, support and networking resource for property investors throughout the UK comprising over 50 local monthly meetings throughout the UK and thousands of experienced investors doing large and small deals every day.
  • Membership of our local pin (Property Investing Meetings) (pin) application and access to the meetings in your area.
  • Introducing you to the DISC* method of understanding your behavioural style and how you react to, and work best with, others. (Note to insert diagram in page)

How much does it cost?

Option A: Standard Package – one lump sum of £597 for 3 months support
Option B: PAYG (Pay as You Go) – £149 per session (no interim support)

You’ll find anywhere that a typical one-day specialist training course is priced around £500. However, my three month package is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, tailored to you and delivered over time, so is worth far more, and is one of the best value you’ll find on the market.

Spread over 3 months with an unlimited number of sessions at times and intervals of your choosing, you will be able to absorb more and achieve more than you would on any day training course. AND, you will have access to me in between for support and information.

If you would like a taster session book one at: bit.ly/TalktoJohnKerr then if you don’t think it’s for you, you won’t have to pay. What could be fairer than that?

Book now

Email john@yourpartnerinproperty.co.uk with your preferred package and we will invoice you to pay by direct bank transfer.

What to do now?

  1. Sign up and get going now. Immediately you will be able to:
  2. Download your personal Focus Form to get started straight away;
  3. Book one, or all, of your six calls at times and frequencies that suit you – there are no minimum or maximum limits – you decide on your own speed;
  4. Obtain more information about how we shall work together.

What happens after 3 months?

You will have taken the necessary action and have gained sufficient momentum to be able to “fly” yourself!

If you need further mentoring or handholding, we may refer you to an unconnected Mentor. If you have found our handholding programme useful and you’re “flying”, we would hope to be able to work more closely together in a mutually profitable joint venture. Our aim with this programme is to find, help and work with capable and determined people who complement profiles, skills and resources and build long term property based business incomes and equity.

On the other hand, if you’ve had an unexpected delay in getting going we’ll continue to work together on the basis of a monthly continuation rate by agreement.


As Your Partner In Property,  I’m your Mentor and training buddy and you need to know if we can work together so please schedule a chat before you commit. I’m there for you to build your portfolio, stop you going round in circles, help you develop profitable properties, avoid the common pitfalls and guide you to the best resources. And, we’ll also carefully filter out any “too good to be true” opportunities for those that are worth pursuing.

Don’t struggle alone! If you want someone, who’s “been there, done that”, to help you put together a practical action plan to help you grow your business without distraction or overwhelm, then book a call with me now.