Mentoring Programme

Maximise your profit through self-catering rentals

Being a landlord comes with many problems. Passive cash flow is the goal of YPIP owner John Kerr’s mentoring services which are aimed at property investors wanting to move into the self-catering lettings market. Realign your strategic planning, reduce the work and increase your profits.
mentoring programme is great value and flexible to suit your needs. Alternatively, see his  Serviced Accommodation Mastermind Group.

Free resources

Resources to help you on your journey

What strategy should you be taking in your property investment journey?

How do you clarify, create and implement objectives?

We have resources to help you, and they’re free. Take a look.


Connect with the property community

Connect with the property community and come along to a pin (Property Investors Network) meeting in your area.

John is the Edinburgh meetings host, but there are 50 groups around the UK.

Alternatively, if you live around Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, John is also a meetings host for the M1 Property Investors Group. 

Find out more about both.