Our Goal is Your Goal 

Increase your SA Monthly Profit by £1,500

The SA Mastermind Code:

  • Meet monthly – no empty chairs (i.e. confirm in advance whether you can attend).
  • Share your plans, challenges, and successes (the Mastermind concept).
  • Plan, take action and implement.
  • Set targets and prepare to be accountable to the Group.
  • Participate and share in our closed Facebook Group.
  • Respect and support fellow members.
  • Never share member’s, or past member’s, information outside the Group.

Meetings: Monthly in Pimlico, London SW1 (4th Mondays, except Dec) from 1-5pm starting with an informal lunch.

Find out how a mastermind can help your business? Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – it’s a classic. Download how they work in practice: The Mastermind Group 

Note: This is not a training programme; if you need information or to learn the ropes, this is NOT for you. Talk to us if in doubt.

We look forward to helping you take forward your serviced accommodation business.


Joining is as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. Check you can comply with our Code above and complete the form below:
  2. Request to join our closed Facebook group by including your Facebook page link (URL) on the form. Active participation in the FB Group is an essential part of the communication and sharing process. The FB page allows you to confirm meeting times and your attendance.
  3. Make your first year’s subscription payment of £100 to:

Account no:  01949442 (Beneficiary: “John Kerr” acting on behalf of the Group)
Sort code:     23-32-72
Bank reference: [YOURNAME] as in the form below +[SALONMM]