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Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 15.43.17Our Focus Form helps people we work with to focus on their objectives. It’s a very short template with questions that will clarify your thoughts, plus essential reading, property networking meeting listings, a One Minute Set of Property Rules to guide your property strategy, plus two of the best profiling tools to help you decide how to select Joint Venture partners and understand your preferred entrepreneurial style. Download your free Form HERE

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Unlimited “free” mentoring: This resource will get you unlimited “free” mentoring from just about anyone you want at property meetings! I wish I had it when I started out – it’s so simple; just ask someone you meet, who you like and have empathy with “Could I call you and discuss how we might work together to build our property businesses?” This Buddy Call Form sets out the simple procedures that both of you should follow to receive the mutual benefits of free coaching/mentoring  at NO COST to either of you apart from time. Download your free Form HERE