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Welcome to Your Partner in Property

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We offer comfortable self-catering homes and apartments with professional housekeeping throughout the UK. We also offer individual rooms for short stays if you are contemplating moving to an area or working on your own.

Whether you want a family holiday, an affordable break, contractor accommodation or are travelling for business, our homes are available to book now.

Residential property owners: Increase your income

We work with landlords and property owners to show how you can grow your business through serviced accomodation. Our bespoke strategic planning and tailored mentoring programmes are some of the best value on the market. We can help you generate passive cashflow so you can finally give up that day job. See how.

In the property business? Meet us

Your Partner In Property is run and owned by John Kerr (left), a property investor and expert in self-catering accommodation, turning sow’s ears into silk purses for the last ten years. He hosts the Edinburgh pin (Property Investment Network) meetings, aimed at network building for landlords.

Read more about John and what Your Partner In Property can do for you.